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Monday, February 28, 2011
A few weeks ago, I did a blog makeover giveaway and the lucky winner was Val from Val-belle's Ramblings (

She told me the direction she wanted her blog to go in, and now.. Voila! A Brand new blog look for her! 
:) Check it out!
I started making layouts about a month ago, and I have designed my own blog, and 4 others... 
(plus a few that are for sale on my blog design site)

and If you would like one customized to your colours and style, I have them priced at only $5.00!

This is the layout that she now has on her Beautiful Blog! 
I like to call it Blue Lemonade  -  because of the hint of yellow :)

(Click image to view larger)

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Hello Everyone!

I'm here to announce the winner of the blog layout!
I used to choose since I didn't want to be unfair or biased for anyone. The lucky number that was chosen was comment # 4 - ValarieAnn... who said...

Valerieann said...

Oh me PLEEEEEEEEASE. I am a new blogger who is very technically challenged and I would love to have a nice blog and also to learn more about it... :-)

Congratulations Valarie! :D you can contact me at

thanks everyone for parting in the givaway, and remember...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Hey everyone!

Want a new blog makeover?
Just leave a comment on this post for one chance, and become a follower for a second chance! :D

You can choose your colors, style, theme fonts etc if you like, or I can just make a few samples and we can use those as a jumping off point! :)
Here are a couple that I have done...

Also if you happen to not be the lucky winner, All my blog layouts are only $5.00, so your blog can be made over very inexpensively! 

Please link your blog so we can see your current setup! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Phew! after a little playing around, We Did It!!! :D
Erin from
now has her blog all updated too! :D

Here is her blog Previously...

How did I come up with this layout? Erin gave me her button for inspiration, and now, she has a pretty blog with colors from her button to match! :)
Blinkie Created by Crafting with Cristina

and Here is what it looks like NOW!

(click images to view larger)

Thanks to both my lucky ladies for being patient, and I look forward to seeing your blogs grow for years to come!
I had posted on facebook on my fan page that I was giving away 2 blog makeovers! and We had 2 winners!

Lucky Lady number 1
 Her previous blog look was... 
and now.. her blog looks like this!
(click on images to view larger - more detailed images)

Lucky winner number 2 will be announced shortly! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Ready for Another..

Here is a Spring Time layout that I think anyone will love! 

 (Click Image for Larger View)
Price -  5:00 USD

Buy Now

Need a New blog layout...

Here is a fun cute and funky page layout that will make any blog look amazingly fun and functional!
Click on the image to get a better view of this blog layout!

click image to view larger
Price: $5.00 USD
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